What does that mean, exactly? Glad you asked. Market invention solves difficult go-to-market problems by identifying and creating solutions that incite growth. These solutions may include a new target audience, product, channel, or even updated positioning. No matter the shape it takes, market invention propels companies ahead of the competition – and helps them capture market share.


Market invention begins by understanding your business problem. At Merit, we help a wide range of companies, from challenger brands to Fortune 100 leaders, find new solutions to the problems that confound others. We’re in the business of understanding, and our broad array of skills helps us recognize the opportunities that no one else can see.

  • 1 Market Opportunity

    Market invention is a paradigm shift that rejects industry standards in favor of a bold, new vision. It begins with research to gain original insight.

    See how we uncover market opportunities
  • 2 Invention Strategy

    Invention strategy ensures your position is targeted and differentiated. How will you clearly stand apart? Who is your buyer, and how will you create an experience tailored to their wants and needs? These are among the many questions invention strategies answer.

    See how we invent new strategies
  • 3 Make the Market

    We’ve recognized an opportunity and articulated a strategy to act on it. Now it’s time to communicate what we’ve found, and offer buyers an irresistible alternative.

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  • 4 Iterate and Expand

    Competition is coming, and it takes strategy, hard work, and imagination to stay on top. Diversify your channels. Listen to feedback. No - really listen. Make those minor tweaks. Or that major shift. We do whatever it takes to help our clients iterate and expand on their strategy to maintain ownership of the market.

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You should. Because at the intersection of everything we do there’s an experience. A brand experience. Product experience. Customer experience. Public experience. Digital experience. You get the point.

We sit squarely at the center of organizations and their opportunities, and there is no other place we would rather be.